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Our savings

We know it is important to save. This is why Bulgarian American Credit Banktook care to provide its customers with various deposits you can open, with varying duration and flexible

You can open, manage and close most of the deposits and saving accounts at your convenience via the transactional portal of the virtual bank BACB Plus and monitor then through all BACB Plus remote channels.



  • Deposits with very good profitability
  • Deposits, to which you can make transfers to or withdraw from at certain conditions
  • Deposits, from which you can receive the interest in advance on the day you open them
  • Deposits, in which the interest rate increases in time
  • A variety of saving products
  • A chance to set a specific amount as your ultimate target and to save gradually until you reach it

Промоционален 3-месечен депозит BACB Plus

Target savings

Target savings

A possibility to save for a particular goal that you have or a dream - quick and easy, completely online

  • Just set a target which you want to reach and decide on a monthly instalment you wish to deposit
  • Set the date when the money is to be transferred from your current account to your savings account and we will do it automatically until you reach your target
  • You can set one or two dates during the month for making deposits to your savings account
  • You can skip an instalment to your savings account (if the balance on your current account is insufficient), and this will not cause termination of the Targeted Savings Contract