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Bulgarian American Credit Bank offers to its individual client diverse loans, with a various forms of collaterals when borrowing them. You can buy a new home, to renovate and/or furnish it, buy a new car, pay for your or your children’s education, pay for an excursion or a holiday, repay loans to other banks or simply make one dream of your come true. You can monitor your loans and receive detailed information on them via all virtual banking channels.

BACB AD offers the full range of credit and non credit products and services, complying with the specific needs of all micro, small, middle and corporate clients – businesses.


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  • EASY application procedure
  • NO limitations for age of applicants and NO analysis of income for loans, secured by a financial asset
  • Various loans for European programs – for investment projects, purchase of agricultural land, bio agriculture
  • NO collaterals, No application fee and NO visit to a bank office for Virtual loan from BACB Plus
  • OPPORTUNITY for a grace period for the capital in mortgage loans
  • PREFERENTIAL interest rate for a mortgage loan for purchasing real estates owned by BACB or a daughter company and real estate whose construction is financed by BACB

Промоционален 3-месечен депозит BACB Plus

Virtual loan

Virtual loan BACB Plus

There is a bank in Bulgaria that gives loans completely online! No need to visit a bank office and no need to present piles of documents

  • The product is offered only to individual clients of the bank
  • Up to BGN 2 000 and repayment term up to 3 years
  • No application fee and no collaterals
  • The whole procedure from application to disbursement is completely online.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_jjEasWXXk

How can you use the product via a transction portal/mobile banking

How can you use the product via a transction portal/mobile banking

To apply for a virtual loan you have to send an application form signed with a QES via the transaction portal of BACB Plus. After initial approval, you need to agree with the pre-contract information and a possible repayment schedule. Sign the contract with your QES and you will receive the sum in your bank account. Quick, easy and convenient.