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Bulgarian-American Credit Bank (BACB) ensures maximum protection of your data and all the transactions, by applying the various methods and means of protection

Protection methods

Protection methods

  • Protected data transfer
  • Site authenticity
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Network and Web Application Firewall
  • Regular audits
  • Information Security
  • Session Time out
  • Account Lock

Protected data transfer

In order to ensure that all data is safely transferred, BACB use the SSL-256bit encryption protocol.

Site authenticity

The authenticity of the site is guaranteed by

  • The existing higher class certificate (Extended Validation) issued by Sertigo
  • The exsisting Sertigo’s specific logo (Secure Seal)

Anti-phishing protection

The personal image (avatar) and the key phrase are anti-phishing protection, aimed at protecting the

Users against phishing attacks, when working with the Virtual Bank. When loading the log-in page of the system and entering your user name, please check if the personal image (avatar) and key phase are the ones you have chosen. If so, you can be sure that you are using BACB’s Virtual Bank and can continue by entering your password.

Network and Web Application Firewall

Access to the Bank’s services is controlled by special firewalls, which allow to visiting customers access to particular services, while at the same time deny access to systems and databases with classified Bank information.

Regular audits

The site is scanned on a daily basis for vulnerabilities and malicious software.

Information Security

All information sent by you to the Bank is highly confidential and BACB has taken all necessary measures to use this information only to the extent needed to provide e-banking services and execute the requested transactions. For your own safety, you should also treat all information communicated to you through BACB as private and confidential and never disclose it to third parties.

Session Time out

If Virtual bank remains idle for couple of minutes, then the session is automatically terminated and you are logged off. If you want to resume using the service, you must log-in again. In any case, BACB strongly advise you not to leave your computer unattended during your online session.

Account Lock

After a specific number of incorrect attempts to log-in, for your own security the system locks your account and deny your access to Virtual bank.