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About Platform

BACB Plus is the first platform for virtual banking in Bulgaria provided by Bulgarian American Credit Bank.

Thanks to it you have easy access to a more effective and innovative financial institution. With the virtual bank you can manage your personal finances in a secure and protected environment where everything was designed for the sake of your convenience.

What makes us different?

What makes us different?

BACB Plus is not a standard internet banking – it is a multifunction bank on the internet. The platform provides you with unique banking advantages that you can benefit from via the various remote channels.

  • All the debit cards offered by Bulgarian American Credit Bank can be ordered online and delivered to the address provided by you. The PIN code you will receive via the service PIN by SMS.
  • BACB Plus makes it possible to execute payments, transactions or utility payments through your phone.
  • You have the opportunity to have detailed information in real time on all account movements and the status of all banking products and services.

You can do all this and much more via the different remote channels of the BACB Plus platform – a transactional portal, mobile banking and information center.  

The extremely easy navigation of the transactional portal is combined with the highest security level. BACB Plus is the only banking system with an encrypted access with anti-phishing protection based on choosing personal image and phrase upon initial registration.

To achieve easier and effective banking through the BACB Plus portal, you can also use the innovative customer-oriented functionalities. For example, the Calendar of payments gives you a detailed information about all payments during the month, including utility, regular or future payments.

Mobile banking was designed to allow you at any time to execute transactions or make utility payments and monitor what happens with the products you use. The mobile application of BACB Plus was created for users of iOS и Android.

Banking through the virtual transaction portal on the BACB Plus platform is executed with electronic TANs (transaction authorization numbers) you receive with an SMS. For mobile banking, this can be done with a PIN, which you enter upon registration.

More information about authorization of operations true the Virtual bank channels find here

OperationsVirtual portalMobile bankingInfo centre
New client remote registration yesQES  no no
Signing of contracts yesQES/E-TAN * no no
Login identification in BACB Plus yesUsername & password/E-TAN yesUsername & password yesPersonal identification number and PIN
Authorization (signing) of transactions yesE-TAN yesPIN no
* Contracts for micro credits online are only signed via qualified electronic signatures

You can find the supported browsers and OS here

Operating systemBrowserQESE-TAN
Apple Mac Safari S6 no yes
Apple Mac Mozilla Thunderbird yes yes
Windows 8 Internet Explorer yes yes
Windows 8 Google Chrome no yes
Windows 8 Mozilla Firefox yes yes
Windows 10 Edge no yes
Windows 7 Internet Explorer yes yes
Windows 7 Google Chrome no yes
Windows 7 Mozilla Firefox yes yes
Android App no no
iOS App no no

In the table below you can review the possibilities of each of the remote banking channels.

Products and servicesVirtual portalMobile bankingInfo centre
New client registration yes no no
Opening of a new current account (BGN, EUR, USD) yes no no
Opening/closure /management of a saving account  (BGN, EUR, USD) yes no no
Information on saving account yes yes no
Execution of transfer yes yes no
Payment of utility bills yes yes no
Cards issuing yes no no
Cards management (limits) yes no no
Information on card products yes yes no
Credit requests (micro credit online) yes
 with QES, only for individual clients
no no
Information on credit products yes yes no
Reports yes yes yes
Statements yes no no
Filing of electronic documents in the digital safe yes no no
Account management / Settings yes no no

In order to facilitate our communication with you, we support additional channels like Chat, Skype and a call back option through which you can request an exact date and time when a bank employee to call you. 

We offer you a banking service of new generation that will suit your modern life.

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